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Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Large Dogs

Savavet Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Dogs Over 20 to 40 kgs


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For treatment and control of fleas, ticks, and chewing lice, for Large Dogs.

Type - Spot on

Suitable - Large breeds from 20 - 40 Kg's

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Type - Spot on

Suitable - Large Breeds

Features - 

  • Suitable for large breeds weighing 20-40kgs
  • Pipettes packaging makes it easy to use
  • Controls and prevents the infestation
  • Usable for the treatment for the treatment of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Duration of protection - against new infestation is 6 months for flea and 3 months for ticks depending on their nature

Precaution -

  • Make sure your dog doesn't lick
  • Do not apply  FIPROFORT PLUS for more than 30 days
  • Consult a veterinarian

Instructions -

  1. Choose a time that is suitable for you and your dog as well. Make sure your dog is relaxed, calm and comfortable or else the application might not give expected results.

  2. Part your dog’s fur at the nap of the neck so the skin is visible. You have to consider the skin here, as it is the area where you have to apply the spot on for easy absorption into the bloodstream.

  1. Squeeze the solution there do not squeeze out quickly in order to give some time for the skin to absorb.

  2. The spot on roll off the animal's coat protecting your pet from flea and ticks.


Recommended Dosage for Dogs 



FIPROFORT PLUS for small dogs  

For use on puppies from 8 weeks of age)

 upto 10 kg

 0.67 ml/ pipette

FIPROFORT PLUS for medium dogs

10 - 20 kg

1.34 ml/ pipette

FIPROFORT PLUS for large dogs

20 - 40 kg

2.68 ml/ pipette

FIPROFORT PLUS for extra-large dogs

Over 40

4.02 ml/ pipette


For Fleas: Recommended monthly application for all dogs. All household dogs should be treated at the same time. If any pet is allergic to fleas, it is especially important to treat all household dogs.

Paralysis Ticks: Recommended for the 2-week application in dogs. The spray provides the control of paralysis ticks up to 2 weeks, use of this product will not guarantee the prevention of tick paralysis because ticks are not killed immediately after attachment. For the minimize of the risk of tick paralysis, the daily searching of dogs is necessary. For effective results, the pet body should be checked continuously throughout the paralysis tick season, which will be extended from the spring to autumn season, in some localized areas, it may be the year.

Brown Dog Tick: Recommends monthly application in dogs.

Biting Lice: The same time all the household dogs should be treated.

 Not for human use. For animal treatment only. For external application only.

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