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Savavet Toxo-Mox 500 1*10 Tablets

Savavet Toxo-Mox 500 1*10 Tablets


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Presentation :1x10 tablets

Dogs: skin infections (wounds, abscesses, cellulitis)

Cats: skin infections (e.g., wounds, abscesses, and cellulitis/dermatitis), urinary tract infections (e.g., cystitis due to susceptible strains of E. coli).

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Description: Toxo-Mox® manufacturer is SavaVet.
Made from the raw materials of Amoxicillin and Clavulanic Acid (Potassium Clavulanate).

Amoxicillin: semisynthetic antibiotic, drug class of Aminopenicillins from the broad spectrum of antibacterial action against many gram-positive & negative microorganisms.
Clavulanic Acid: beta-lactamase inhibitor, protects Amoxicillin from degradation by beta-lactamase enzymes and extends its activity.

Dogs: skin infections (wounds, abscesses, cellulitis), periodontal infections due to aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (canine periodontal disease).

Cats: skin infections (e.g., wounds, abscesses, and cellulitis/dermatitis), urinary tract infections (e.g., cystitis due to susceptible strains of E. coli).

Not effective for treating infections caused by a virus or fungus.

Mechanism of Action:
Amoxicillin is a bactericidal agent, which kills bacteria by inhibiting the synthesis of a substance in cell wall called Peptidoglycan, which is the main component of the cell walls of both gram-positive and negative bacteria.

Clavulanic Acid inactivates a wide variety of enzymes called β-lactamases by blocking their active sites, effective against gram-positive bacteria.


Dogs: Recommended dosage: 6.25 mg/lb of body weight twice a day.

The treatment of skin & soft tissue infections & periodontal infection is 5-7 days for 48-hours after all symptoms disappeared,
If there is no improvement seen after 5-days of treatment, therapy should be stopped & case is redetermined.
Duration for pyoderma is 21-days. Treatment should not exceed 30-days.

Cats: Recommended dosage: 62.5 mg twice a day.
Treatment should be continued even after 48-hours even all symptoms have disappeared & not to exceed 30-days.
If no response after 3days, then therapy should be stopped & case is redetermined.

Missing a dose: In case of missing the dose, it should be given as soon as possible.
Next dose will be continued at the regular time.
Don't give the double dose as you have missed the previous ones to compensate the missed dose.

Overdose: If overdose happens & pet is feeling unwell, stop the medication immediately. Visit the medical emergency attention or contact a healthcare provider


Room Temperature between 15 - 30 degrees C
Keep away from excess moisture & heat.
Split away the unused medicine after the expiration date.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Health Consideration
Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal
Skin, Coat and Anti Hair Fall
Urinary Tract
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