Savavet Kiwof Dewormer Puppy Syrup-15 ml

Savavet Kiwof Dewormer Puppy Syrup-15 ml


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Age Limit: 
For puppies from 0-3 Months

Presentation : 15ml Suspension

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The medication contains the composition of pyrantel pamoate and febantel. It is used for the broad spectrum dewormer type of medication. The medication will be effecting the cholinergic receptors of worms,eliminate the intestinal tract of the pet.The medication is effective for the worms like - whipworms, hookworms & ascarids.

How is KIWOF PUPPY used?

The medication is usually given through mouth. The medicine can be prescribed directly or mix in the pet food.The medication is given under the vet prescritpion for the amount of dosage, quantity depends on the age of the pet & weight. The usual doasge is 1ml for every 1kg of bodyweight. For the puppies, the medication is prescribed below :

  • Below 3 months: should take the medication once every 2 weeks,
  • Between 3 - 6 months: should take it once every month,
  • Above 6 months: should take it every 3 months.

The Kiwof Puppy posses some minor side effects like :

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • If the pet shows any irregularties please contact your vet immediately.


  • If allergic appears, immediately contact the vet. 
  • Commonly seen symptoms are like - difficult in breathing or swallowing, skin rashes, hives, tightness in chest.
  • The kiwof puppy is not suitable for all animals.
  • If the pet is pregnant, then it is used under the vet prescription.
  • If your pet is pregnant/breastfeeding/breeding/using any other medication (prescribed or non-prescribed), then consider your veterinarian before using this medication.
  • As well consider any other herbal products, supplements & it has any allergies or health problems.
  • The medication usage is given depending on the animal & treatment condition.
  • The steps are to be followed under the approval of the vet doctor & should be used under the vet prescription/instructions.

User Tips: 

  • After usage wash hands.
  • No direct constact with skin/eyes.
  • In case of accidental spillage, wash the affected with clean running water.
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